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The shift to Nature
based Consciousness

This study is inspired by the social cohesion, meshing with nature, effective self-organization and collective intelligence of beehives. While corresponding with new evolutionary, sociological and ecological theories that recognize phenomena in which individuals are part of social organisms. Beehives and ecstatic collective rituals provide us a model for new kind of thinking, with numerous implications on welfare and ways of forming organizations from the bottom-up through self-organization.

Being in synchrony with others, a self-organization spontaneous emergence of order out of chaos, relates to the mentioned state. Synchrony is a pervasive drive of nature extending from atoms to animals, from people to planets, and just as a flock of birds performing rituals which keep them synchronized, matching of actions in time with others facilitates synchrony in people . From dancing to playing, praying, and singing, synchrony is a commonplace feature of social life. Apart from feeling connected with others, synchrony is often associated with transcending self-interest, joy and experiencing awe in nature.

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