TAU Laboratory for Consciousness and Soft Logic Research 

CSL (Consciousness and Soft Logic) Research Laboratory is a novel enterprise in Tel-Aviv University, under the leadership of Prof. Oded Maimon. In CSL Laboratory for Consciousness and Soft Logic Research the activities includes inter-disciplinary cooperation with leading universities in Israel and the world (E.g., Digital 2030 Project with Stanford University), published books and articles, Courses, and conferences on the developed theoretical and practical applications. The new science of Consciousness we develop in the CSL laboratory is a bridge in integration between new and exited knowledge and the Human’s capability to receive practical tools to one self-realization and action. CSL lab’ mission is to research the fascinating domain of consciousness, which is in the front of current science. The research will contribute to the comprehension and improvement of human life and environment. CSL Research Lab include leading scientists and scholars in Israel and the world (include Nobel Laureates), from varied domains. Who co-create a novel synergetic inter-disciplinary. The domains include: Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Biology and Neuro-science, Religious Studies, Psychology, and Philosophy. 

We are in the frontier of the science of consciousness with courage and diligence, in a diverse research that include a mathematical foundation (invention of a new number) and deep research of Rituals and Human’ processes.

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