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Oded Maimon is the Oracle chaired professor at Tel Aviv University, previously from MIT.

Oded’s research focuses on exploring and modeling natural and artificial intelligence, soft logic and consciousness.

He spent Sabbaticals in BU (Boston) and BHU (Varanasi, India), and was invited to lecture and help direct leading universities around the world (including Stanford in the USA, Tsinghua in China, IIT in India, Waseda in Japan, Paris 6 in France, and UNAD in Columbia).

Oded published over 100 refereed papers in leading academic journals, over twenty chapters in edited books, and made over 200 research presentations in international scientific conferences (most of them appeared in reviewed conference proceedings), with many invited and keynote presentations.

Oded published fifteen books, original work based on his research (with awards-winning book of the year, such as Data Mining with Decision Trees), and edited books. One of them is the handbook of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery -1500 pages, with over 100 contributors of leading experts from all over the globe – the authoritative algorithmic book in one of the most fascinating growing AI world  (third edition is coming soon on Machine Learning for Data Science). Oded has academically supervised over 100 graduate students (some are already full professors in Israel and the USA). He received over twenty funded research grants, and many academic awards and scholarships. He was on the editorial boards of five journals (including IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation). He has international patents (Europe, US, Japan). Oded started ten new courses and developed five new laboratories in robotics and automation (in the USA and Israel) – some of them are the core of the curriculum and research.

Oded was consulting to major enterprises (such as in the US: IBM, DEC, EMC, and GM; in Europe: Baan; in Israel: Telrad, Verint, Maccabi, Visa and Orange communications), and was on the board (including chair) of private and public companies (in Israel and the US). He was also a consultant to the Israeli government, and worked with the Ministry of Science (including as the head of the Israeli – France research activities).

He has a commendation and medal of honor from the Prime Minister Office in Israel (2008) for his successful and innovative activities. Verint acquired (2012) some of his patents and algorithms, which became part of their core product, used all over the world.

Oded travels and meets in depth with leaders in Academia and culture all over the world (recently focusing on consciousness). He is a skipper who sailed across the Atlantic from the US to Israel (returning from MIT to Tel Aviv University).

Recently he published two books on Consciousness (one in Hebrew on “What is Consciousness” in 2018), and established the Consciousness research and Soft Logic (CSL) laboratory in Tel Aviv University. The aim of the lab is to create the path to solve one of the most fascinating research problems facing science and humanity today, and to develop the new rigorous mathematical tools needed for such research frontier. The lab vision and motivation is to advance Human and Artificial Intelligence for the wellbeing of the world.

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